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Terrarium Making | Jun 26


Learn all about terrariums with Jodi Mardesich Smith! With ten years' experience, Jodi has so much to share about terrarium history, science, and application. She'll get you started on creating your own gardens in glass!


$45 includes instruction, substrate, three perfect terrarium plants, and even moss for a medium-sized containers (about 6" diameter). To fill larger containers, additional plants are available to purchase.


Bring a glass container that is meaningful to you - upcycling is encouraged (think a great aunt's novelty box, a swap meet find, an emptied liqueur bottle, or even a simple piece from your local thrift shop!). The container should be clear, mostly water-tight, tall enough to give plants room to grow, and ideally have a lid to encourage the internal environment to create its own ecosystem. If you don't have time to find a treasured piece, you can buy a container at Thyme and Place, but please note options are limited.