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Plant cuttings swap

  • Thyme and Place 362 East 900 South Salt Lake City, Utah USA (map)


Whether you're a plant newbie or have a house full of greenery, you are welcome!


$7 covers materials and coordination costs. Advance registration is required. Please bring at least three cuttings—it's okay if they're all from the same plant. And remember, the more you bring, the more you get!


Getting a plant cutting is simple, and does not hurt your plant (think of it like giving it a haircut!). Here are a few tips:

  • It’s best to take a clipping from a fully hydrated plant, so consider watering the plant the night before and taking a clipping in the morning after the plant has had a chance to absorb the water
  • If possible, clip healthy growth that is from 3-6” long
  • Use a sharp tool and make a clean cut to encourage healthy roots