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Herbs for the Emotions

Thursday Aug 16 | 7-8:30 PM

Herbs for the Emotions

Join Josh Williams of Greenthread Herbs for an exploration of how plant medicine can help soothe, balance, release, and heal us on the level of the emotions. From anger and fear to sadness and hypersensitivity—herbs can be powerful allies in our work to find harmony and empowerment within.

Date and Time

Thursday, 16th of August from 7-8:30 P.M.


The cost of this workshop is $30 and includes education, tea, a targeted herb bundle you'll create based on your current needs, and more.

What to expect

This workshop looks at herbs through the lens of many traditions to help find those that bring calm confidence and healthy adaptability to life’s many growing pains. We’ll spend time talking about many herbs with an affinity for the emotions and also talk in-depth about how herbs can act on the emotional level. We will also cover how to make emotional medicines and how to dose them for the emotional level.

Learn about

  • Which herbs can help cool and steady anger and waves of reactivity
  • Which plants can help us feel more protected, buffered, ans safe in our own skin
  • How to work with herbs in cultivating more love and open-heartedness
  • How to soothe times of sadness without missing the lessons

You’ll also

  • Enjoy an herbal tea blend made by Josh that supports emotional balance
  • Create your own herbal tea based on the herbs you feel most connected to
  • Create an herb and gemstone bundle to carry with you for emotional support and to work with in your own meditations and healing
  • Experience plant energies and how they can influence the subtle energies in our being
  • Create connections with plant allies to help make your life a more beautiful, peaceful, and empowered place to be!