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Raising Funds (and Awareness) to Fight Blood Cancers

  • Thyme and Place 362 East 900 Harvey Milk Boulevard Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 USA (map)

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What and When

Throughout April we will be supporting Xander Johnson as a nominated Student of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Though he had cancer as a baby, Xander is now a happy, cancer-free, and perfectly gregarious 15 year old. On April 28, the LLS Society will hold a final fundraising dinner recognizing the nominees and their contributions. Xander's team goal (All for One and One for All) is $15,000!

How to Help

Please help raise money for this important cause. Tax free donations can be made at the shop or on our dedicated LLS fundraising SOY fundraising page.

Find Out About It

For more information about the LLs, visit them at